Nando Y
International Reggaeton Star


Nando Y
International Reggaeton Star

Born in Ibarra, a very conflictive zone in Ecuador, at his early age of 7 his dreams were to become a Futbol Soccer profesional player, Nando’s first musical notes started at the age of 17, when he heard the records of Wisin & Yandel, he started to auto produce his first notes in a computer, he has worked in South America with “DJ EDU EL CAPO”, and many more of today’s urban music world.

He started working with Soneroinca Records back in december 2016,
Nando got a Grant to study his Music Engineering, and English at UEES, one of Ecuador’s Universities,.

Nando’s current recordings include songs like “Ajao, Mueve Ese Booty, and the most current song is literally a Hit named “Frialdad”, a song talking about a girl who leaves a horrible phone message to her boyfriend, telling him that she is tired of the sentence “I love you” so many times during the day… And the guy in the story just wanted to hear a “Happy Birthday”… (Any similar situation is just a coincidence)

His favorite phrase is: “I ain’t got one Father, I got a hundred… I ain’t got one Mother, I got a million of them”

Nando is currently represented by Big Beat Productions,
one of the largest talent agencies and production companies Worldwide,
along with Soneroinca Records in Florida, USA.

NANDO - "Frialdad" (Official Music) "Frialdad" is available now on these digital platforms:

iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, and many more worldwide.

View on Youtube below

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Frialdad (Official Video) on YouTube

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