Musical Revues  
  A Class Act  
  Alan Palmer - Fabulous Divas of Broadway  
  Joey Arminio and the Family  
  Babes on Broadway  
  Big Night of Swing  
  Broadway Express Revue  
  Broadway Tonite  
  City Lights - Music of the Theatre  
  Cotton Club Revue  
  Curtain Call Productions  
  Dallas Brass  
  Da Doo Wop Kings - Robert and Carlos Pacheco  
  Down Memory Lane  
  Fabulons Oldies Revue  
  Fascination Revue  
  Fiddler on the Roof  
  Four on the Floor  
  Glitz - Las Vegas Revue  
  Gold Coast Opera  
  Guys as Dolls Female Impersonator Revue  
  Marty Kaye - Broadway and Beyond  
  Shae Laurel - International Musical Family  
  I Do I Do - The Musical  
It Was the Best of Times Revue  
  James Michael and Company  
  La Mystque  
  Latin Follies  
  Leonid Filatov  
  Lifes A Caberet  
  MoonRays - A Cappella Doo Wop  
  Motown in Motion  
  New Dawn Singers  
  New Odyssey Band  
  Not Martin and Lewis - BUT CLOSE!!  
  One Enchanted Evening  
  The Pink Flamingos  
  Pizzazz Revue  
  Pop Goes the Century  
  Puttin' on the Ritz Revue  
  The Rat Pack Revue  
  Ric & Vic Show  
  Saladino Dancers  
  Say It With Music  
  Songs of Broadway Revue  
  Spirit of the Dance  
  Stars of the Stage  
  Stars on Ice  
  The Spurrlows  
  Three for the Show  
  The Three Tenors  
  Touch of Class  
  Winged Victory Singers  
  Tribute and Impersonator Shows  
  Alabama Blues Brothers  
  American English - Beatles Tribute  
  Barry Britton-Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Meatloaf & more  
  Bethany Owen - Multiple Impersonations  
  Bill Peterson - Rodney Dangerfield Imitator  
  Britishmania - Beatles Tribute  
  Tribute to Sarah Brightman featuring Luisa Lubell  
  Elton Dan and the Rocket Band - Elton John Tribute Show  
  Dancing Dream -ABBA Tribute Show  
  Darrell Cole - Nat King Cole Impersonator  
  David Morin - The Magic of Elvis  
  Denny Diamond - Tribute to Neil Diamond  
  Dixie Chicklets  
  Experience Adele  
  Gary Willner Ventriloquist-Lifesize Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Nat King Cole  
  Jerome Dabney as Stevie Wonder  
  Not Fade Away - History of Rock and Roll  
  Let's Spend the Night Together - Rolling Stones Band Tribute  
  James Love Spirit of Elvis Tribute  
  Manouchka - Tina Turner Tribute  
  Nashville Country Music Revue  
  Orange Sunshine - The 60s Experience  
  The Long Run - Tribute to The Eagles  
  America's Sweethearts - 50s/60s Girl Groups Tribute  
  Rodi Alexander Barbra Streisand Tribute  
  Stars of the Stage - Impersonator Revue  
  Tom Petty Tribute  
  Forever Eric - Eric Clapton Tribute  
  Danny Ware as Michael Jackson - King of Pop  
  Stayin' Alive - Reflections of the BeeGees  
  Still Dreaming - Tribute to the 60s and tthe Mamas and Papas  
  Tribute to Santana  
  Unique Musical Acts  
  Accordian Players  
  Encore Chamber Players  
  Gold Coast Handbell Choir  
  Goodtyme Gentry - Barbershop Quartet  
  Harry Bee  
  Impressions Choir  
  Sofiya Uryvayeva - Concert Pianist  
  Julie Okah - Amazing Violin Player  
  Leonardo the One Man Orchestra  
  Mark and Clark - Dueling Pianos  
  Marina Stolyar - Concert Pianist  
  Mark Hurwitz - Multi Instrument Player  
  Mei Mei Luo  
  Original Harmonica Sounds  
  Pavlo - International Flamenco Guitar Impresario  
  Piano Bar Players  
  Pan Flute Players  
  Regina Fineman - Concert Pianist  
  Richard Hayman - Star Harmonica Player   
  Strolling Musicians  
Novelty Comedy Acts  
  The Juggling of Alfonso  
  Amazing Johnathan - The Freddie Kruger of Comedy  
  Art Explosion  
  Dan Christopher - Ventriloquist  
  Fettuccini Brothers - Comedy Juggling  
  The Gizmo Guys - Comedy Juggling  
  Jerry Goodspeed - Ventriloquist  
  Jack Laurie - Hypnotist  
  Jeff Dunham - Ventriloquist  
  Ken Karter - Ventriloquist  
  Philippart the SMACE (Singer, Magician, Actor, Comedian, Entertainer)  
  Jimmy Keys - "Liar" - Music, Comedy, Impressions and more  
  Raspyni Brothers - Comedy Juggling  
  Ron Lucas - Ventriloquist  
  Steve Hart - Ventriloquist  
  Billy Bob Steinberg (Todd Charles) - Magical Comedy Juggling Banjo Playing  
  Gary Wayne - Comedy Hypnosis  
  Dennis Friel - Live Painting Marine Life Artist  
  Todd Oliver - Ventriloquist  
  International and Multi Cultural Shows and Groups  
  Bag Pipers  
  Brazilian Carnival Revue - Ritmo Brazil  
  Chai 5 Klezmer  
  Divas Allstars  
  Dixieland Bands  
  Drums Of Polynesia  
  Echos of Erin - Traditional Irish Band  
  Flamenco Guitar Players  
  Frito Bandito Mariachis  
  Gli Unici - Donald Braswell's Three Tenors Group  
  Israeli Yiddish Revue  
  Japanese Folk Dance Troupe  
  Juan Pablo's Latin American Extrvaganza  
  Junkunoo Revue  
  Mapapa Acrobatic Dancers  
  Middle Eastern Belly Dancers  
  The Mora-Arriaga Family  
  Kenny Quintero and Orquesta Brava  
  Rondeau Irish Step Dancers  
  Salsa Lovers Dancers  
  The Three Latin Tenors  
  Shajar Group  
  The Three Yiddish Divas  
  Thunderbird Native American Dancers  
  The Vakas  
  Zoro - Greek Band  
  More Unique Novelty Performers  
  ABC Circus  
  Adriatic Bengal Tiger Show  
  Darlok the Mind Reader  
  Exotic and Endangered Animal Show  
  Flash the Monkey  
  Leonid Filatov - Balancing Act  
  Marionette and Puppet Shows  
  Mr. Silver  
  Murder Mystery Night  
  NY Express Skating Team  
  Psychic Readers  
  Randy the Living Statue  
  Stars on Ice  
  Stepps Wonder Dogs  
  Stilt Walkers  

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