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Big Beat Productions, Inc. specializes in submitting material for original Artists to major and independent record companies. We also submit scripts, screenplays, and literary works for publishing.

At Big Beat Productions, we make sure that your project gets in the right hands and is reviewed. Because Big Beat has been in business since 1986, our company has established an outstanding rapport with various record companies along with many other influential executives in the industry.

Richard Lloyd, who heads up the submissions program, and is the President of Big Beat Productions, Inc., has first hand experience as a recording artist. Richard has performed as a successful drummer, producer and songwriter for 25 years. Richard toured with many recording artists and played for many major groups in the music industry. He had two albums of his own that were released in the mid 80's along with numerous recordings with many different artists, and has been written about in Billboard Magazine. In 1987, he realized he wanted to take all his talents and shift them to the other side of the music business and work towards producing a powerful management team.

Presently, Big Beat has become one of the most aggressive and powerful names in the entertainment industry.
We know what it takes to submit your work and how to submit correctly. Our research and submissions teams will work diligently for our Artists to insure that the material gets into the proper hands. Although there are no guarantees in the music business, we work very hard here at Big Beat to represent all our submissions in the most ethical and professional manner.

After submitting your material, our team will put together a list of the companies that we have sent to for each artist so that they will have a personal list of where their material was sent. We will contact you with any acceptance or rejection letters that we receive. Our goal here at Big Beat is to keep you informed at all times and to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Big Beat will submit music or literary works
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